In spite of the easy comparisons in performing such repertoire, Loconsolo displays all of his talent giving birth to a mainstream, delicate and interesting album" - Luca Labrini (, Italy
When I listen to Emiliano Loconsolo I am enraptured: he is an example of how to truly sing” - Jose' Luis Ajzenmesser (Radio Palermo 94.7), Buenos Aires
“Among the most deserving vocalists on the Italian scene” - Roberta Gambarini, New York
Quite astonishing for the finesse of his interpretation” - Zicline Magazine, Bruxelles
Sophisticated, elegant, delicate voice, almost fragile like Chet Baker, fascinating with his melodies and in his velvet swing...labeled by the critics as an authentic promise in jazz singing” - Afo Sartori (Il Tirreno), Italy
Here is a young man who has the potential to rise to the very top of his field” - Hank Jones, New York
Loconsolo sailed with ease and grace through all pieces and showed exceptional skills” - Jean Claude Elias (The Jordan Times), Amman