Special Projects

Projects as a leader

CantinaJazz ®

CantinaJazz ® is a unique wine tasting experience where audience members enjoy fine wine, fascinating narration by a guest sommelier, and truly great jazz delivered in a playful atmosphere. CantinaJazz presents you with “wine to listen to and music to drink!”

SONGS FOR ERNESTO – a Murolo tribute

Emiliano Loconsolo is one of the few performers today interpreting the poignant and deeply romantic work of legendary Italian folk singer Roberto Murolo, the undisputed master of the canzone popolare.

ITALIAN SONGBOOK: 1000 years of Italian life and legends

“This “Italian Songbook” narrated by Mr. Loconsolo celebrates timeless human themes of love, laughter and loss through a chronological anthology of tarantellas, madrigals, and canzoni popolari – all sung in their original dialects – starting from the seventeenth century up through swing tunes from the 1960’s”

Projects as a guest


Renown Italian pianist Riccardo Arrighini explores, through fascinating and original arrangements, the music of the most sought after soundtrack composer: Ennio Morricone. This is certainly the most ambitious project Mr. Arrighini made in his long career: the production of “Nothin’ but Morricone” involved 3 vocalists, 10 strings, guitar, accordion, flute, soprano sax, oboe, percussions and rhythm section.


The project is geared around the original compositions by acclaimed Italian pianist Riccardo Arrighini, who is also the main figure of this project. The broad range of influences of this album, from funk-jazz to pop and electronica, give birth to an extremely elegant and sophisticated soundscape, on which Mr. Loconsolo set lyrics to.